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There’s a place outside the city of Dubai where over 30 different countries come together to form what is known as Global Village. Sounds interesting no? Come and take a tour with me to what’s describe as the larges’t outdoor theme park in the region.

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Each country is represented by a pavilion where they showcase the nations culture, environment and products. Some of the pavilions included are Turkey, Egypt, China, Jordan, Africa, Italy….the list goes on to a total of 31 different pavilions. Personally Africa was definitely the highlight of my visit! As I walked in I could hear reggae music playing on the background, loved the colorful handmade purses and hats, wooden bowls and hundreds of other unique products.

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Before making the drive to Global Village I made sure to read on the parking situation, hours of operation and reviews. Like everything else it had positive and negative reviews but I decided I had to at least go once and make my own conclusions. For those who are visiting Dubai and have some extra time I will definitely suggest visiting Global Village at least once, the bright colors and unique shopping experience make for a fun afternoon away from the massive, high-end brand malls.

One of my favorite parts of blogging is reading all the comments left behind on the site and social media channels. Readings comments like, ” wow you make me want to travel to Dubai” or ” it looks so amazing I wish I could be there,” are comments that make me smile. I hope to inspire all of you to travel and visit new places you have not yet been to and inspire you to always add a little “flavour” to your everyday style. Thank you so much for reading and hope everyone has a great weekend. Below are a few of my favorite pictures…

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I ask him f I could borrow his balloons for a picture. He was quick to respond and tell me, ” balloons go up, you pay me.” Even though he didn’t seem to excited about the idea of a picture…

chika _14

I certainly was! hahah

All these amazing pictures by: Jovana Obradovic, Location: Global Village Dubai