CRYO Dubai

CRYO therapy

Happy Friday Amigos! One of the perks of living in the UAE has been being exposed to new designers and learning about new lifestyle and beauty trends such as the popular cryotherapy treatment. Before flying to Italy I had the opportunity to try the whole body treatment at the CRYO’S location in the Women Health Club in Dubai. I’ve seen tons of pictures and heard about it in both the UAE and back in Chicago so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been extremely sore from my boxing workouts and stiff from all my travels. After visiting the CRYO facility in Dubai I have say it was the most interesting 5 minutes of my life…haha. If you have the opportunity to visit CRYO in Dubai or perhaps try cryotherapy somewhere else you should definitely give it a go! Allow me to give a short introduction:

  • Cryotherapy has become popular between athletes and celebrities due to its quick process (it takes about 3-5 minutes) and amazing results in both muscle recovery and healing as well as facial and skin rejuvenation
  • I entered this futuristic capsule (as seen below) where my skin was exposed to ridiculous cold temperatures (-140 celsius)
  • Cryotherapy is known to decrease inflammation and improve the body’s circulation.
  • You can loose up to 800 calories per treatment…(say whattt)
  • Even though it takes more than once to feel and see the results the cold temperatures sure felt nice during the hot and humid temperatures of Dubai

To those of you reading this from the UAE make sure to visit CRYO at Jumeriah 2 and let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to tell you more about my experience. To my followers back in the US…have you guys heard about this before? Thank you so much for reading and hope all of you have a great weekend. I’m in Italy until Monday morning so make sure to follow along.