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If you saw this fun picture on my Instagram then you know it was my birthday exactly a month ago! I didn’t tell you all, but I turned 26…! Over the years I’ve learned the importance of taking care of myself, watching what I eat, following a workout routine, and most importantly learning to take care of my skin. I learned most of my secrets from my mom and I can’t wait to share them with you! While growing up my mom taught me that if I consistently followed her “skincare secrets” it would almost become a routine…and let me tell you it definitely has! A few of my mom secrets are below…

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1. Drink water and keep hydrated…this will definitely reflect on your skin.

2. Always wash and clean your face before going to bed. Even if I’m tired from a busy day or night out I always remove my makeup using Pond’s cleaning wipes. These wipes are great for removing my makeup and dirty particles that have accumulated throughout the day…especially in the humid and hot days in Abu Dhabi.

3. Protect your skin from the sun, either by using sunblock or hats! If you’ve visited the site before then you know I am constantly wearing hats. Not only because I think they’re a fun way to add a little “flavour” to any outfit, but because I try to minimize the impact of the sun on my face.

4. My mom always used to say, “You are never too young to use skincare products and preserve your skin.” With so many overwhelming products in the market my mom suggested POND’S Rejuveness. With an affordable price tag and easy purchase from Target, I gave it a try and I’m so happy I did. After just a few days I noticed how smooth my skin was and the softness of a few wrinkles around my eyes.

5. Get your beauty sleep. A no brainer, but sometimes we forget the importance of actually getting some rest and getting a good nights sleep.

I’m curious to learn any beauty secrets you got from your mom or were passed down to your by your family! Feel free to share them on the comment section below or on social media using #SeeForYourself and #Ponds. If any of you are interested in trying these products you can now download the free app, Cartwheel by Target and save 10% on all POND’s products from 9/27/15- 10/3/15 and 5% from 10/4/15-10/31/15. Happy shopping!

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Location: St Regis Abu Dhabi  Photos by: Boa Campbell


  • BiseraU

    Your skin looks flawless! Definitely agree with all of the above, especially #2.

    • ChicFlavours

      Thanks for the lovely comment Bisera!! Would love to hear any beauty secrets you might have. Have a great day!