switching up my getting ready routine with Target

Target produts

This week was a crazy travel week; I started in the Seychelles, spent about 48 hours in Abu Dhabi and then flew to New York City for Fashion Week. With all my constant travels I am always looking for new ways to feel refreshed and energized. I try to always work out (as some of you see on Snapchat) and drink a lot of water, but I’ve also found trying new products and mixing up my getting ready routine works too! After landing back in the US my first stop was to Target! Among the many things I picked up (they really have everything) I picked up the new Dove Dry Oil body wash and a few new hair products from my favorite brand, TRESemme.

Dove products Target


After the Seychelles I noticed my skin was extremely dry from the strong sun (I’m so tan) and the Dove Dry Oil is perfect for a softer and smoother skin. The body wash is perfect for protecting your skin from dryness and is designed with Moroccan Argan oil; known for its benefits of treating dry skin and rashes. As a traveler I’m always thinking about products I can take with me and this body wash is always easier to travel with than a regular bar of soap.

chic flavours using Dove products


Because I’m constantly in the sun either in Abu Dhabi or when I’m traveling, I’ve noticed that my hair, particularly my ends, are extremely dry. The TRESemme Botanique shampoo and conditioner provide moisture without leaving my hair sticky or wet. It’s only been a few days since I tried the TRESemme Botanique products, but I look forward to telling all of you how my hair progresses.


TRESemme products from Target

All these new Unilever personal care products couldn’t have come at a better time! I always think that doing any small changes in my body; getting my nails done, a facial or trying new products makes me feel refreshed and energized, and ready to take on my large to-do list. I would love to hear what you do in order to feel re-energize, let me know in the comment section below. Target is offering a $5 gift card until February the 13th when you buy four Unilever products…yay! Thank you so much reading and your support throughout this busy week.

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