Backstage at the BCBGMAXAZRIA runway show

Backstage at the BCBG Runway Show

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I want to share a rare Sunday post with all of you from my time in New York during Fashion Week. I was lucky enough to not only attend the BCBGMAXAZRIA annual runway show but also to go backstage and interview Chief Creative Director, Lubov Azria. I landed in NYC on Wednesday the 10th from Abu Dhabi; I was feeling tired, jet lagged, excited and nervous all at the same time. Despite waking up at 3 a.m. on Thursday (thanks to my jet lag) I took some very early morning outfit pictures (seen here and here) and got ready to go backstage for the BCBG show. Below are a few pictures of what the backstage scene looked like…

Chic Flavours backstage at the BCBG runway show

Backstage at the BCBG Runway Show copy

As I waited my turn to interview Lubov, I could only think about how lucky I was….flying all the way from Abu Dhabi to attend one of my favorite shows and actually talking to the woman that makes so much of it happen! I grew up wearing BCBG: to my high school prom; college graduation; first time meeting my in-laws; and of course I wear and showcase BCBG on my blog on a regular basis. When my turn finally came to meet Lubov, I was extremely nervous, but I had my three questions memorized:

1. From your Fall & Winter 2016 collection, which piece is your favorite and why? “Well I can’t choose a favorite piece…it’s like choosing your favorite child. I honestly like all of them; they fit different moods. My favorite pieces from this collection are probably the sweaters, because we deconstructed the sweaters and put them back together. So they feel more ‘home made’ and cozy. We were inspired by David Bowie; it was more about his music and him as a performer than his clothing. Every model that is walking down the runway today will have some kind of shimmer…some kind of shine, whether it is a sweater or a pair of leggings that she is wearing. We are keeping that little girl inside, this collection is about the performance whether you’re onstage or offstage.”

2. How do you describe the woman that wears BCBG? “This woman is always in the forefront of fashion. She knows what she wants and she knows where to get it. She likes to celebrate herself, she doesn’t want to hide herself behind the clothes. You have one life to live…make a choice. I say…celebrate.”

Backstage at the BCBG NYFW show


Chic Flavours backstage

chic flavours backstage

Chic Flavours backstage at the BCBG NYFW Runway Show

3. What is it about traveling that inspires you the most? “The possibilities…when you arrive sometimes you have nothing scheduled or sometimes you do…but the possabilities are everywhere. That’s why people travel…they want to experience something new and different.”

Just like that, my 5 minutes were over. I felt such a thrill and excitement after the interview was over. It was definitely a great way to kick off NYFW. If you had the opportunity to interview any designer who would it be? Perhaps Carolina Herrera (a personal dream of mine) or maybe Tommy Hilfiger? I want to say a big THANK YOU to the BCBGMAXAZRIA Team for having me and for allowing me to go backstage and, of course, attend the show. Also a big THANK YOU to Sticky Ginger PR Dubai for all of your amazing work and support. Most importantly, THANK YOU readers for following and making sure to visit the blog on Monday for a new outfit post.

Location: NYC  Photos by: Jovana Obradovic