One Happy Island: Aruba

The most beautiful beaches in Aruba Chic Flavours copy

 Just landed in Aruba!

Chic Flavours beaches in Aruba recommendations

 First thing is first…la playa! This oversize inflatable ring is so fun! I also love this one and this one.

Chic Flavours in Aruba colorful beach outfit copy

 Dress/Vestido: Tiare Hawaii,  Hat/Sombrero: Hat Attack,  Purse/Cartera: Jade Tribe (also love this one),  FlipFlops/ Sandalias: Tory Burch

Chic Flavours wearing soludos shoes

Shoes/Zapatos: Soludos wedges, Soludos lemons slipper flats, Soludos stripes sandals

The Renaissance Island Aruba flamingos

Reinassance Island Aruba

If you have the time I would recommend visiting the Renaissance Private Island. You can buy a day pass and enjoy playing with the flamingos or relaxing by the many hammocks around the island.

What to do and see in Aruba Chic Flavours

 Shirt/Camisa: Wildfox, Shorts/Chores: Zara (similar), Purse/Cartera: Jade Tribe, Shoes/Zapatos: Soludos

Chic Flavours in Aruba Famous Tree  copy

Even though I am currently in San Francisco I want to share a few pictures from my time in  Aruba with all of you. Aruba will forever have a special place in my heart. Aruba is much more than a vacation destination with amazing beaches. The truth of the matter is Aruba is like a second home to me. Due to the current situation in Venezuela (food shortage, electricity blackouts and safety concerns) my parents split their time between Venezuela and Aruba. So when my husband and I plan to visit my parents its easier to meet in Aruba than Venezuela. I also grew up visiting the island and have seen the island change throughout the years; with new luxury stores such as Prada, Dolce & Gabanna and Carolina Herrera. If you have any questions about where to stay or eat in Aruba feel free to email me, would love to help. Hope you enjoy these colorful pictures! Have any of you visited Aruba before? Let me know in the comment section below!