What to do and see in Santorini and Oia, Greece

Chic Flavours at the Grace Hotel in Imerovigli, Santorini Greece

 Swimming at the Grace Hotel

Chic Flavours in Santorini, Greece round hammock

Chic Flavours in Santorini, Greece

Chic Flavours in the Grace Hotel Santorini

Santorini, Greece

hic Flavours in Oia, Greece

Chic Flavours at the Perivolas Hotel, Oia Greece

Chic Flavours walkign in Oia, Greece wearing For Love and Lemons dress

Perivolas Hotel Greece

  View from the Perivolas Hotel

Chic Flavours enjoying the view Oia, Greece

The view from the Perivolas Hotel Oia

A little bit over a month ago my husband and I were lucky enough to visit Greece and spend a few days in Santorini and Oia. Greece has always been an “it” summer destination and after seeing so many beautiful pictures of the endless blue water and white houses sitting on a cliff we couldn’t wait to visit. We were in Greece for about five days but if you get to visit for a longer period of time I would also recommend also visiting Mykonos (of course) and Palamidi. Hope you enjoy reading my suggestions and highlights and if you have any questions please let me know: )

1. Grace Hotel in Imerovigli: Perhaps one of the most beautiful properties we have ever stayed in! The Grace Hotel offers spectacular views of the water, outstanding service, refreshing cocktails and a delicious five course breakfast. This property is very romantic, you can sit by the pool and enjoy the view.

2. Greek Wine: Need to say more? Greece offers some delicious local wine and if you are able I would recommend renting a car and visiting some of the vineyards or taking a wine tour around the most popular wine cellars.

3. What to Pack: Make sure to pack comfortable shoes; sneakers and sandals. Don’t even bother packing heels because you won’t use them, you will constantly be walking up and down the stairs and on cobalt streets. Santorini and Oia were surprinsgly windy (all day around) and the temperatures drop during the night and wearing a shawl was a must. Of course don’t forget your swimsuit, sunscreen, hat and hiking gear.

4. Food: This is actually a touchy subject for us. Let me star off by saying we love Greek food. When I first moved to Chicago I lived five minutes away from Greek Town and I made it my mission to try every Greek restaurant. I understand this might not be the most authentic Greek food but I was still very much looking forward to eating Greek food in Greece. Unfortunately we were a bit disappointed. Besides the outstanding service and food offered at the two different hotels we stayed in we weren’t as pleased with the restaurants outside of the hotels. They were extremely touristy, the service was rushed and the portions were extremely small for the 40 euro price tag. We might have chosen the wrong restaurants and hope to go back next summer and try different venues.

5. Picturesque: Santorini and Oia might be some of the most picturesque places I have ever visited…right up there with Capri. The opportunities to take pictures were endless; the stairs to the water, bouganville flowers everywhere you walked, the colorful doors, the different vineyard, colorful sunsets and even the donkeys going up and down the stairs.

6. Boat tour: A boat tour is a nice way to explore Greece, we were able to swim, see the “black sand” beach, eat delicious fresh seafood and meet some other great couples.

7. Tourism: Oh boy oh boy…it was busy and touristy! At night we walked around Oia and the amount of people was incredible. As we walked to find a restaurant for dinner we made a wrong turn and ended up on a “sunset sight” and the number of people was pretty ridiculous. This is something we will definitely consider next time we book our trip to Greece.

8. Perivolas Hotel: We initially stayed two nights at the Grace Hotel in Imerovigli and then made our way to the Perivolas Hotel in Oia. The Perivolas Hotel is a unique little gem, it is carved into the side of a cliff, offering some beautiful views of Oia. The rooms are unique in design (sculpted stone walls), spacious and have a beautiful terrace. Some of the perks were the breakfast and being walking distance from the town center of Oia.

9. Hiking Fira – Oia: My husband and I try to do a hike wherever we go! Its a fun way to explore our surroundings and enjoy the views. We did a two hour hike from Fira to Oia (you can also do Oia to Fira) starting by walking the cute town of Fira, enjoying the views and seeing more of Santorini. I would highly recommend taking a few bottles of waters with you, sunscreen, a hat, a camera, comfortable shoes and some cash.

10. Romantic: The views and maybe the wine too…haha make Santoini and Oia an incredibly romantic place. I feel blessed to be able to make all these memories with Tom and sharing them with all of you. 🙂 Have a great weekend and thank you for reading!