Holiday Gift Guide: Travel



World Scratch Map: Urban Outfitters,  Sweater/Sueter: Zoe Karssen 

Take it from someone who travels transatlantic on a monthly basis, travel accessories can either make or break your trip! I’ve always had a passion for traveling, even at a young age I remember asking my parents for a trip instead of a Quinciera Party (Latin version of Sweet16). I love exploring, getting to know some of the local people, trying new dishes and everything that comes along with traveling. I will be going to Venezuela, Colombia, Aruba and Jackson Hole, WY before the end of the year…so with that in mind I want to share the Holiday Gift Guide for all those travelers aficionados. If you are anything like me then you have a routine by now; what to pack, how to pack and so on. I’ve been looking (for months) a case or bag for all my electronic and cables. I hate having to untangle all my cables from my Ziploc bag; I travel with my Mac charger, phone charger, camera and GoPro charger and backup charger so as you can imagine it can get messy. So when I found these “electronic case” I literally said, “FINALLY!” I can organize everything in one place, the bigger size if perfect for my iPad as well. Thank you for reading and happy shopping! Which items is your favorite?