LIFE UPDATE: Wedding Anniversary and where I’m traveling next

Tortuga Bay Punta Cana

Greetings from beautiful Punta Cana! Tom and I flew late Wednesday night to Toronto, Canada (14 hours) and then Toronto to Punta Cana. We are here to not only celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary, but also attend a dear friend’s wedding. I know in the past I’ve always been a bit private when it comes to my personal life, but I hope to start sharing a few major life moments with all of you. Would love to hear your feedback on the below and if this is something you might want to keep seeing on the blog.

3rd Wedding Anniversary: Tom and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary as expected and true to form….on a 14 hour flight from Dubai to Toronto. On our first anniversary we traveled to Oman; for our second anniversary, we were in the Seychelles and this year we are spending some time in the Dominican Republic. I met Tom in Chicago when I was 20 years old (he is 5 years older) and we instantly connected on our passion for traveling. Tom had always traveled for work and I’ve been traveling for as long as I can remember. With my family between Miami and Venezuela and his around the US (he is the oldest of 6), we don’t only travel for work, family and friends but also for the complete love of it. We got married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and 6 months later moved to Abu Dhabi…a complete whirlwind. Looking back at that period of our lives, I can’t believe everything we’ve been through. Packing our apartment, we didn’t even open our wedding gifts; getting our visas; adapting to a completely new country; making new friends and so much more. I’m blessed to have found someone that shares the passion for life and also pushes me to be a better person everyday! 3 years and counting…

Bogota, Colombia: We are in Punta Cana until Sunday afternoon, then I then fly to Bogota, Colombia. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I was in Bogota in December and that was mostly for Soraya Hennessy and attending the Artisan Week. This time, I am flying to Bogota to spend time with my parents…my dad just had surgery (everything went well) and help my dad with his recovery. Being so far away from my family is definitely one of the downsides of living abroad.

Miami: After Bogota, Colombia I will be spending the weekend in Miami…I know crazy traveling, can you guys keep up? Some of you ask me why I spend so much time in Miami and the reason is my two brothers (I’m the middle child) recently moved to Miami and I always love spending time with them whenever I’m back in the US and then again…it’s Miami…haha.

You can always follow my travels on my InstaStories, I always enjoy reading your comments on my travel pictures. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I look forward to hearing your comments on this life update.