Where to Stay in Dubai


Look at that view, walking distance to the Dubai Mall








Admiring the ambiance at The Courtyard Restaurant



While participating in the first week of Market, OTB in Dubai I had the opporutunity to stay at the Manzil Downtown Dubai. If you live in the UAE or if you are visiting Dubai then you know you have have an overwhelming selection of hotels to choose from. Dubai offers everything from extremely high end properties such as the Versace Hotel and the Waldorf  Astoria to the Hyatt Regency. The question remains, where do you stay in Dubai? If you want the “city vibe” then I suggest the Manzil Downtown Dubai Hotel. The Manzil is a short walk from the Dubai Mall. Steps aways from the boulevard where you can find some great outdoor restaurants and walk along some of the most famous building in the world, such as the Dubai Opera, Burj Khalifa and the Armani Hotel.

Besides its unbeatable location the Manzil Hotel offered amazing customer service. I checked in at around 10:30pm on a Thursday night after driving from Abu Dhabi that morning and being at the Burj Park for 10 hours, needless to say I was exhausted. The friendly front desk agent noticed I was tired, she made me feel welcomed and mentioned the different restaurants outlets in the hotel. My room was spacious with a desk area next to the window; natural lighting is always a must for me while working. The bathroom had a modern tub with clear glass and view to the bedroom. My room had a direct view to The Courtyard Restaurant and pool area and after hearing the energy and the ambience from The Courtyard restaurant I decided to give it a try.

If you visit the Manzil Downtown Dubai Hotel you have to visit the Courtyard Restaurant. The outdoor environment is perfect for the January nights in Dubai. The smell of shisha and Lebanese food was my favorite part. Feel free to order a coffee in the lobby area or visit the pool on the 2nd floor and don’t forget to look up and admire the best view of the Burj Khalifa. If any of you have questions about where to stay in the Dubai or Abu Dhabi please feel free to email me, I always love sharing my recommendations with all of you. Don’t forget to follow all the adventures here.

Location: Dubai, Manzil Hotel   Photos by: Ekaterina