My top 5 gingham dresses for summer

Chic Flavours wearing Gingham check dress for summer

Chic Flavours wearing Mango Gingham check dress

Chic Flavours wearing red Mango Gingham check dress

Chic Flavours wearing Leather-backed sequin petal earringsLeather-backed sequin petal earrings Leather-backed sequin petal earrings J.crew Leather-backed sequin petal earrings

Chic Flavours wearing Cult basket for summer

Dress/Vestido: MangoEarrings: J.Crew (also in yellow and red), Shoes: Sam EdelmanPurse: Cult Gaia (s/o)

Greetings from beautiful Barcelona. Even though these pictures were taken in Abu Dhabi, Tom and I took a 7 hour flight from Dubai to Barcelona on Thursday afternoon. We will be meeting up with my two brothers and a few friends from the US, definitely a fun weekend ahead. You can follow our weekend in Barcelona on my InstaStories. As the summer slowly makes its way to the UAE the 100 degrees weather and 90% humidity is becoming the norm…my way to beat the heat? Dresses and more dresses! When I spotted this gingham dress on Mango I loved the light material and ruffles. The gingham print is summery and refreshing, you can wear blue or red gingham and both prints will help you look perfect for summer and overall feminine. Below I’m sharing my top 5 gingham dresses for summer this year. Which one is your favorite? I added a pop of color with these oversize J.Crew earrings. These earrings also come in bold red and yellow, even though they are on the larger size they dont weight as much and I love the sequin details.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and stay tuned for some pictures around Barcelona.

Location: Abu Dhabi