Once in a lifetime experience: The Serengeti National Park

Chic Flavours at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti Watering Hole

Tom and I consider ourselves blessed to be able to travel the world and stay at some amazing properties along the way! I love sharing my travels with all of you and reading all of your comments and direct messages…a lot of you tell me you love following my travels and feel like you are traveling with me…and that’s by far the best compliment.

Tom and I took a 4 hour flight from Abu Dhabi to Nairobi and then a short flight from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro. We spent the night at the Arusha Coffee Lodge in Arusha, the perfect setting for a relaxing night before yet another flight the next day. We took an early morning from Arusha to Seronera, a small airstrip in the middle of the Serengeti. Tom and I were both surprised by the amount of time we spent in a car (during our safari) and on the plane (catching these short flights). I would recommend packing lightly, wearing comfortable clothes and being patient while making different stops around Tanzania.

Chic Flavours in the Serengeti National Park Safari

Chic Flavours Safari Serengeti National park

Chic Flavours Safari National park

Chic Flavours Safari National park

In the Serengeti, Tom and I decided to splurge and stay at the Four Seasons Serengeti, one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had. The Four Seasons picked us up from the airport with champagne and snacks, which we had while our driver and guide, Aaron, applied for the “park pass” for us. Aaron asked us if we wanted to drive straight to the hotel or if we wanted to enjoy a mini “game drive.” If you saw my InstaStories then you know that on our first day, we literally saw almost every animal. We stopped to see a beautiful family of elephants who walked right in front of our jeep. We saw giraffes, zebras (the zebras are everywhere),  gazelles, cape buffalos and a very rare find, the leopard.

As we arrived to our hotel we were greeted by the friendly Maasai Tribe (the local tribe in the Serengeti) and the hotel staff. The hotel is a beautiful combination of African decor and modern details. The hotel has over 77 rooms and villas, spa, an entire discovery centre where you can learn more about the Maasai history, culture and wildlife. If interested you can also rent different camera lenses (you’re going to need a bigger zoom to get a picture of a cheetah or lion) and you can also sit back relax and edit your images at the discovery centre.

Chic Flavours Safari National park

Chic Flavours at the best hotel Chic Flavours at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

Chic Flavours Hot Air balloon ride Serengeti

Chic Flavours Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti Africa

Chic Flavours hot air balloon ride Serengeti

Chic Flavours at theFour Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

Our terrace suite was perhaps one of my favorite rooms to date. It had a spacious living room, a personal deck with lounge chairs and our private pool. The room was spacious, with an open bathroom and most importantly it was a relaxing and private room. Perhaps our favorite thing about the room was our view; at any given moment we would look outside and see a family of elephants making their way to the water hole. We would see smaller elephants playing and the zebras running far away from the elephants. Tom literally screamed, “we have elephants in our backyard.” Truly a very memorable experience.

The Four Season Season Serengeti has a water hole outside of their infinity pool, which provides the perfect water source for the animals around the park. When Tom and I first arrived, we had lunch outside on the pool terrace and as we ordered our meal a small family of elephants started to make their way to the watering hole. More and more elephants made their way; Tom and I couldn’t believe how close the elephants were, they were playfully pushing each other, the smaller elephants were rolling around in water and other elephants used their trunk to spray water on their backs. Tom counted around 60 elephants that afternoon and we ended up staying outside in the pool area for hours, drinking wine and admiring the massive creatures in front of us.

The next few days we would wake up early for breakfast and start our game drive around the Seregenti National Park at 7am. You can opt for a morning or afternoon drive, we did both on different occasions and saw different things every day. Aaron was able to spot cheetahs miles away, lions laying under a tree, and giraffes in the distance. We saw the hippo pool (not the most photogenic animal) outside of the hotel where the hippos stay all day cooling until they come out in the evening time. One afternoon we saw a pack of lions eat a zebra and we learned how the female lion does the hunting and killing for the male lion. I couldn’t believe how close we were to the animals and how comfortable the animals were to the jeeps, the noise from the people talking and using our phones, cameras and go pros.

Chic Flavours hot air balloon ride Serengeti

Chic Flavours hot air balloon ride Serengeti

Chic Flavours in Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti Africa

After waking up early and being in a jeep for up to 5 hours, Tom and I would come back to the hotel and relax poolside with a glass of wine. One night we ate dinner at Boma Grill; authentic Africa cuisine and enjoyed a traditional Maasai dance. The other nights we opted for Maji Bar and Terrace over looking the pool and romantic dinner under the stars. This was my first safari experience and hopefully not my last. Tom and I are hoping to do another safari before moving back to the US. Have you ever done a safari before and where? I know a lot of you asked me about the best time to visit the Serengeti and my experience with the Four Seasons, if any of you have any direct questions please don’t hesitate to ask. A few more details below…

Things to keep in mind: 

There’s a daily “park pass” added to your hotel bill. This allows you to be inside the Serengeti National Park, keep in mind your expiration time.

Pack lightly: You will be flying small planes for short flights in and out of the Serengeti I would recommend packing a duffle bag and not your typical hard cover suitcase. Your bags will be weighed wherever you go!

Laundry: The Four Seasons offers an allowance for laundry. Tom and I took the time to count every piece and fill out the slip and we are glad we did. There was a mixup with the laundry and one of Tom’s Lululemon shirts was misplaced and we had to show a picture of the actual shirt to the housekeeping manager who was very nice and apologetic and did her best to find it.

Location: Serengeti National Park

Thank you to the Four Season Hotel for partnering in this post.