The most unique hotel, the Kilindi Hotel in Zanzibar

Chic Flavours in the Kilindi Hotel Zanzibar in Africa

Chic Flavours in the Kilindi Hotel Zanzibar Africa jpg

Chic Flavours at the Kilindi Zanzibar

Chic Flavours in the Kilindi Hotel Zanzibar best food in the Zanzibar

Chic Flavours at the private pool of the Kilindi Zanzibar Tanzania

Chic Flavours in the Kilindi Hotel Zanzibar

Following my post, “Once in a lifetime experience, The Serengeti National Park” I want to share our second and last part of our trip to Africa with all of you! I love receiving all your comments, dm’s and emails about my travels, so thank you for following along! After spending four nights at the Four Seasons Serengeti and waking up early to catch the morning safari drives, Tom and I decided to change the pace and relax at the Kilindi Hotel in Zanzibar. We took a short flight from Seronera (i.e. the Serengeti) to Zanzibar and drove around 45 minutes to the Kilindi. The roads are a bit bumpy and as the driver made a left turn onto a dirt road, I remember asking Tom, if he was sure about where we were staying. As the driver made a left and continued down the narrow road…sure enough we stopped outside a set of beautiful wooden doors and we were welcomed by the Kilindi Team.

As soon as you walk in the hotel, you know the Kilindi is going to be a unique experience. We were welcomed by the hotel manager, there is not a formal lobby but a relaxing environment overlooking the Indian Ocean. We quickly learned the hotel was designed by Benny Anderson, one of the members of the 70’s pop band, ABBA. The hotel sits on over 50 acres of land and it consists of separate white-dome pavilions. As we entered our room (or pavilion) we opened the dark wooden doors into our very own tropical “tree house.” The room is composed of an outdoor living room space and one plunge pool in the lower level. The second part of our pavilion was our room; the room was spacious, with a comfortable bed and a second infinity pool outside of our bedroom. The bathroom was adjacent from the room (you have to walk up a few large wooden steps) completely outdoors. I have to say this is by far one of the most unique hotel aesthetics we have experienced. We’ve had outdoors showers before but have never really used them…however the Kilindi Hotel offers complete privacy, the showers are relaxing and somewhat liberating. This might be an overshare but the private setting allowed us to walk naked around our “Tree House pavilion”…we showered looking at the sunset and enjoyed some of the best views to the Indian Ocean.

Besides the unique architecture and setting, each room had a designated butler assigned. Our butler was friendly and helpful and attentive to anything Tom and I needed. A part of the Kilindi experience was the “Kilindi time” as told to us by the hotel manager; the Kilindi time is about relaxing and making our own schedule. For example we were able to make our own dinning schedule; we could order breakfast, lunch or dinner at any time or at any location within the hotel. This allowed us to relax, have mojitos at any time and our butler surprised us with a new dinner location every night. Our first night we ate by the pool, the second night we had dinner in the rooftop of the pool area and finally our last dinner was a romantic dinner with a bon fire by the beach. The seafood was fresh, bought by the hotel every day from the nearby fishermen village. I loved the tropical fresh drinks, can you say mango mojito? The Kilindi hotel also had a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean; we saw monkeys and “baby bush” every night playing around the pool.

Tom and I will never forget opening the windows to our room and waking up to the sun reflecting on our own plunge pool and the view of the Indian Ocean. We loved the personal experience the Kilindi offered; we talked to the hotel manager on a daily basis and the chef even came out to introduce himself and asked if there was anything he could make for us. The Kilindi Hotel is the perfect property for a romantic vacation, honeymoon, anniversary or the perfect way to relax after a safari. Below I’m sharing a few more details with all of you…! As always thank you for following and I can’t wait to tell you where Tom and I are heading next!

Things to keep in mind:

•Wifi is only available at the pool area of the hotel!

•The Kilindi is the only hotel in the island that has a private beach, go down, order a drink and enjoy the water.

•As some of you might know I have a degree in Hotel Management and it was great to hear (and observe) how professional the Kilindi staff is and how the hotel takes cares of their staff.

•Tom and I took a snorkeling tour one morning, keep note of the choppy waters and bring towels with you.

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania