Soraya Hennessy on Moda Operandi

Soraya Hennessy Camila Basket

Soraya Hennessy Camila Iraka basket at Moda Operandi

SORAYA HENNESSY CAMILA Basket, made out of iraka palm avilable on MODA OPERANDI.

YES…You read that correctly! A few pieces from our Soraya Hennessy High Summer Collection are now available on Moda Operandi! If you see me either in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Miami or Chicago feel free to pinch me! This a dream come true and today I officially crossed one of my goals off my list. When I started Soraya Hennessy in September of 2016, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into and I didn’t have a clear mission in mind. I knew I wanted to make something more than beautiful bags. Today I am proud to say our bags provide a sustainable job to over 12 artisans in Venezuela and as we expand we are now working with artisans in Colombia.

Soraya Hennessy has grown steady since our launch and I still jump every time we get an online order. After attending Paris market week three times, we are now stocked in Moda Operandi, Luisa Via Roma, Stylebop, United Arrows (Japan), The One and Only Hotels and Everything but Water….just to name a few.

I have learned so much since we launched! Everything from closing deals, negotiating terms, packing and international shipping (the worst), working with other bloggers (let me tell you) and much more! I’ve been thinking about creating a blog series about the honest truth of starting your own business. Let me know your feedback and if this is something you might be interested in.

Soraya Hennessy at Moda Operandi

How does Moda Operandi work? 

Soraya Hennessy is a family business. My mom is my business partner and my younger brother, Juan, is my accountant. Juan has no interest in fashion and is happy wearing jeans and TOMS all day every day. He knew I had a goal of working with Moda Operandi, but he had no idea what it was or what made Moda Operandi different from the thousands of other retails sites. Sometimes I have to remember that what’s obvious to me is not obvious to others.

Moda Operandi works on a trunk show basis and their e-boutique is where you can shop items the classic way; you like something, add it to the cart, and receive it in a few days. The trunk show works a bit differently. You place your order; the designers are made aware of the order and the designers get to work on producing your piece and delivering it within a few months. Our four items featured in Moda Operandi are available on a pre-order basis.

Soraya Hennessy Ana iraka bag at Moda Operandi

Soraya Hennessy Black Fringe bag handmade

Soraya Hennessy round iraka baskets at Moda Operand

Soraya Hennessy Cabo Yellow handmade bucket bag

Our CABO Bucket bags, come in two different tones, with a shorter modern strap and a beautiful flower designon the base. Our CABO SUNSET (orange) is currently sold out but you can place an order for pre-order. Our CABO SUNRISE (yellow) is the perfect color for the summer.

Soraya Hennessy black fringe handmade bag

A SORAYA HENNESSY best seller, our BLACK FRINGE BAG! The slouchy feel makes it easy to pack and we love the fringe movement. It comes in three different colors, more here.

Soraya Hennessy blue iraka purse at Moda Operand

SORAYA HENENSSY blue ISADORA basket made of iraka palm available on MODA OPERANDI.

Soraya Hennessy round iraka bag

Soraya Hennessy Camila Basket Iraka handamde

Soraya Hennessy HOLA Messenger bucket bag

Our new HOLA Bucket bag with a bamboo handle is coming soon to SORAYAHENNESSY.COM. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and get an update on all of our new arrivals and more.

Soraya Hennessy round iraka bags

Our round iraka palm baskets, available in natural and black color. Which one is your favorite? See more on MODA OPERANDI.

Soraya Hennessy CACTUS green bucket bag

One of our best seller, our CACTUS Bucket Bag is available now on SORAYAHENNESSY.COM

Soraya Hennessy logbook in Hatta Dubai

Bags: Soraya Hennessy and here

What is Iraka? 

Iraka is originally a plant in Colombia. It has been used to make baskets for years and it has now seen a boom in the market – purses and earrings. Our four pieces on Moda Operandi are 100% handmade in Colombia by skilled artisans. Our Camila Basket has a round bamboo handle and natural color making it easy to style with any summer outfit. I love the color of our Isadora basket and our Ana and Paola Bag are guaranteed to get you a few compliments. See them all here.

What about the bucket bags?

Our bucket bags also known as “mochilas” (Spanish term for bucket bags) will always be the bread and butter of Soraya Hennessy. I am extremely proud of how we have added a modern touch to the traditional bucket bag by adding accessories such as pom poms, tassels and removable key chains. We also designed gold and wooden elements, words in English, Spanish and Arabic. See more of our buckets bags here.

Where can I shop Soraya Hennessy? 

You can visit our site where we offer free shipping on all US orders. We also offer international shipping via UPS and USPS. Soraya Hennessey will be launching a set of exclusive pieces, only available on our site…make sure to stay tuned or sign up for our weekly newsletter and updates.

You can shop part of our new collection via Moda Operandi. You can also find our most popular messenger bags (with words) on the luxury site Luisa Via Roma, which offers free international shipping or find our entire stockiest here

Behind the scenes: 

One baby, one model, one photographer, one hair and makeup stylist, one creative direction, one nanny and 30 new SORAYA HENESSY BAGS! This was one of the longest days of my life, I woke up at 5:00am and drove to Dubai, picked up the entire team and drove two hours to Hatta, Dubai. I’m sharing the beautiful final product images as seen above but I’m thinking about sharing some of the behind the scenes of what it was really like to shoot out first SORAYA HENNESSY lookbook. Is this something you might be interested in? Let me know below and if so I will go ahead and make a post! Thank you for all your support and wishing everyone is having a great week.