Soraya Hennessy Resort 2019 Paris collection

Soraya Hennessy SPLASH RESORT 2019 PARIS

Soraya Hennessy SPLASH RESORT 2019 PARIS

Soraya Hennessy SPLASH RESORT 2019 PARIS


If you follow me on InstaStories then you know I was in Paris for over 10 days showcasing the latest Soraya Hennessy Resort 2019 collection. Looking back, I can’t believe how far SH has come and it makes me so proud and emotional to be able to represent my native Venezuela among some of the best boutiques and stores in the world. While in Paris, I received TONSSSS of DM’s asking me more about what I was doing in Paris, what “double exposure” meant, what a showroom is and what exactly happens while in Paris.

I have to say all of this still feels very new to me. We launched Soraya Hennessy in September of 2016 and 8 months later we were in Paris working with a showroom and talking to buyers. A lot of it was learning as I go, but below I want to share some terminology you will hear me us from time to time. This is the fashion business dictionary with Soraya Hennessy…haha!

Showroom: Being part of the right showroom is key to grow your brand! Soraya Hennessy was very luck to be part of one of the top Resort Showrooms in the world from the begining. It’s been through the showroom that we’ve met the buyers from Moda Operandi, buyers from the prestigious Italian department store La Rinascente, US brands such as Goop and Revolve. Fashion showrooms can be found almost anywhere in the world, but it’s important to consider your target market, cost and brand association within the showroom.

Market dates: I often tell my friends I’m going to Paris for market dates and always get a confused face in returned. Soraya Hennessy is a Resort/Summer focused brand and therefore we participate in the Resort, Spring and High Summer market dates. These are the dates of the year where designers showcase their collection and buyers walk the showroom or trade show to view your collection. For example Resort market dates are always in late June and Spring market dates are always in September. These dates vary slightly every year.

Buyers: A buyer is a person who selects what items will be stocked on their site, boutiques, department store, hotel, etc. Some renowned stores such as Moda Operandi have a specific buyer for hats, scarfs, handbags, ready to wear, shoes and so on. As a young handbag brand it’s important for us to connect with the right buyer and maintain a relationship with them.

Collection: Soraya Hennessy usually has a collection of 30 handbags. Sometimes I can spend weeks working on one design.

Line sheet: A line sheet is usually what buyers are taking with them after viewing your collection. Its a set of images with your product, style code and prices.

Rollout: A rollout is a product that continues to be offered season after season. For example our HABIBI Messenger bag is a rollout as we offer it time and time again. It’s our best seller and I love explaining the history to the buyers, pointing out that it was the first bag we ever designed.

Selection: When buyers come to view your collection and they like your pieces they will proceed with making a selection of their favorite items. They either highlight or circle their favorite pieces and choose a quantity.

Sell through: After working with a buyer and shipping our order, I often ask for a sell through report to analyze how the products are selling and how their customers are responding to the brand. A sell through is the amount of product or inventory sold.

Ex-Work: Ex-work prices mean the buyers are responsible for the cost of shipment, door to door, including shipping expenses and duties and taxes.

Landed Prices: I remember when I first met an international buyer from Italy and she asked me if we offered “landed prices” and I had no idea what he was talking about…ha! Some buyers ask for landed prices, meaning they want to know how much the product will cost including shipping and import taxes. In this case, SH pays for the shipping, import taxes and duties as compared to Ex-Works when the Buyer pays for those costs.

Double exposure: You probably heard me say this a lot the past few weeks. This time around we decided to do double exposure in Paris for Resort 2019. Meaning we showcased our collection at the Barefoot Chic Showroom for 10 days and at the same time participated at the SPLASH Tradeshow for 3 days. Why did we do this you may ask? SPLASH is known to be one of the most influential resort tradeshows in the world and just getting in was an accomplishment. I wanted to diversify our buyers and reach a bigger audience and we were able to do that by showcasing our collection in two different places at the same time.



You have seem me grow Soraya Hennessy from launching in Abu Dhabi with my closest friends as seen on this post to getting into Moda Operandi! I love sharing this part of my life with all of you and I love reading all your DM’S and comments. If you are thinking of starting your own brand or have any questions feel free to send me an email, I’m happy to share my feedback and experience. Have a great week ahead and make sure to stop by on Wednesday for a brand new outfit post.