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grand mosque abu dhabi

I can't believe its been three months since my husband and I packed our bags and moved to the other side of the world. Now that I'm back in Chicago (for a few days) I've been reflecting on all the different experiences we've had. I wanted to share with all of you some of the ...

how to make friends

…in your mid-20s and in a foreign country? Such a great combination, right?

Looking back I can honestly say that the last time I actually tried to make friends was freshman year in college. I was new to Chicago and I remember trying to sign up for any clubs and sport activities available. Fast forward ...

Vogue Cafe, Winter Menu

Vogue Cafe Dubai

This question goes out to my followers on the other side of the world, but did you know that the Condé Nast International Restaurant is a thing? Yes, I mean like the popular media mogul is extending from their famous and prestigious magazine brand to restaurants around the world. GQ Bar in Moscow, VOGUE Café ...

hotel living


It’s officially been two months since we moved to Abu Dhabi and we are still living at a hotel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining; it is a brand new five star property, 24 hour room service, staff around the clock and 4 different restaurants within the property. It's also attached to the best ...

Grocery shopping in Abu Dhabi

how to buy groceries in the UAE

Happy Friday Amigos! I'm excited to share another lifestyle post with all of you. One of the first things we did after landing in Abu Dhabi was visit a few grocery stores and see what the type of food we would be able to find. After visiting at least 5 different groceries stores, I can ...

Life in Abu Dhabi

It's been over two weeks since we moved to Abu Dhabi and I wanted to start sharing with all of you what I've learned so far. I will be uploading 2-3 post a month about our life in the Middle East. You can follow a more in-depth diary of our adventure on my Instagram account. ...

saying yes to new adventures

(The view from the Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi from our trip back in January)
I've been writing my blog for almost a year now and for those who have followed my journey - thank you from the bottom of my heart; it means the world that you take the time out of your jam-packed ...