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Holiday Gift Guide: Travel

Excited to share one of my favorite holiday gift guides…you all have a friend of family member that seems he or she is always on a plane, check my must-have travel accessories today…

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My new travel essential with SweetSpot Labs


After spending two weeks between Chicago and Washington DC, I am getting ready to travel over 24 hours back to Abu Dhabi. I often get asked what are my go-to travel essentials and I’m excited to share my new must-have beauty travel product with all of you…

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One Happy Island: Aruba

The most beautiful beaches in Aruba Chic Flavours copy

 Just landed in Aruba!

 First thing is playa! This oversize inflatable ring is so fun! I also love this one and this one.

 Dress/Vestido: Tiare Hawaii,  Hat/Sombrero: Hat Attack,  Purse/Cartera: Jade Tribe (also love this one),  FlipFlops/ Sandalias: Tory Burch

Shoes/Zapatos: Soludos wedges, Soludos lemons slipper flats, Soludos stripes ...

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The must see places in Portugal

Botanic Gardens da Ajuda in Lisbon Portugal

(Belem Tower)

Happy Sunday Amigos! Hope everyone is doing well (crazy weather in the U.S.) and having a great weekend so far. I'm currently back in Abu Dhabi, my husband and I were lucky enough to leave Washington D.C. before the Jonas storm started. Back in November my husband and I took an unexpected trip ...


Cape Greco Swim

Cape Greco in Ayia Napa ( I mean look at that water)

(Turkish side)

(The picturesque town of Lefkara)


(Tombs of the Kings)

Hello Everyone! I'm currently on my 14 hour journey back to Chicago and I wanted to share a few pictures from my weekend in Cyprus. I will be honest and say ...

oh Capri

Hotel Luna Capri

(Entrance to our hotel)

 (Marina Grande)

 (JK Capri  Hotel)

 (View from Anacapri)

(Punta Tragara Hotel)

Hello everyone and greetings from Cyprus. Even though my husband and I are currently spending the weekend in Cyprus I wanted to share the final pictures of our trip to Italy. After spending three nights in the Amalfi Coast we ...

Amalfi Coast

Path of Gods hike to Positano

You have probably seen thousands of pictures of the Amalfi Coast on Pinterest, Instagram and magazines and I have to say it is even more beautiful in person. The Amalfi Coast has a total of thirteen different towns around its narrow streets and coastal mountains. While we were in the Amalfi we visited perhaps the ...

Naples to Amalfi

Best views of Naples

Happy Friday Amigos! I've been spending hours and hours looking over the thousands of pictures we took of our trip to Italy. Over the next few weeks I will be splitting my trip in four parts and showing you my favorites places around the Amalfi Coast. We first took a direct flight from Abu Dhabi ...

things to do in Aruba

famous tree in Aruba

Happy Friday Amigos! As some of you might know I was in Aruba a few weeks ago enjoying some quality time with my family. I grew up visiting the picturesque island ( a quick 45 minute flight from Venezuela) and have really seen the island grow and develop throughout the years. Many of you have ...