kate spade coat

Kate Spade hot pink coat

bright spring coats

spring outfit

Kate Spade Talia coat

Coat/Chaqueta: Kate Spade (obsessed with this one),  Pants/Pantalones: ZARA (similar here and here),  Purse/Cartera: Gucci also love (this one)

How are you amigos? I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here’s a beautiful and colorful outfit to brighten up your Monday. I am completely in love with this hot pink color coat from Kate Spade. The scallop details around the waist and gold buttons add a feminine and sophisticated touch to the coat. This coat is a guarantee way to add a little “flavour” to any winter or spring outfit. I would highly recommend sizing down when ordering this coat as it runs big around the shoulders. Instead of wearing a solid dress or bottom I wore these comfortable wide leg checked trousers from Zara for an overall cheerful introduction to Spring. As you read this post I will be flying from LA to Washington DC for a few days and finally flying to back to Abu Dhabi later this week. I’m definitely looking forward to settling back in Abu Dhabi and enjoying some warmer weather. Thank you so much for reading and look forward to reading your comments about this lovely coat!


Espero que todos hayan pasado un buen fin de semana! Les cuento que estoy super enamorada de esta chaqueta rosada de la marca Kate Spade. Me encantan los botones dorados y el detalle en la parte de abajo de la chaqueta. Es una manera de darle un poco de color a cualquier look. En vez de combinar esta chaqueta con un color solido cree un contraste con estos pantalones de  rayas de la marca Zara. Les cuento que voy saliendo para Washington DC por unos días y al final de la semana me regreso a Abu Dhabi. Muchas gracias por leer y espero leer sus comentarios.

 Location: Chicago, IL

early spring

classic trench coat

Spring trench coat

spring trends 2015

classic trench coat

spring trench coat look

Chloe bag

Coat/Chaqueta: Gap,  Fedora/Hat: Club Monaco (obsessed with this one and here), Jeans: Gap, Purse/Cartera: Chloe, Shoes/Zapatos: New Balance (similar here and here)

Can you guys believe Spring is just a month away? I stopped by the Gap store on Michigan Avenue to stock up on a few Spring essentials: a classic trench coat and colorful pastel jeans. This trench coat is must-have in every woman’s closet, I love the oversize collar, the long belt and classic and timeless feel of this chino colored coat. I channeled my inner Sherlock Holmes and added this wool fedora, which can also be worn year round. Finally I kept this outfit casual with these colorful New Balance shoes, check below for some similar options.  What do guys think? Isn’t this Gap coat such a great find? Thank you for reading and I look forward to reading your comments.


Ya falta poco para la primavera! Pase por la tienda Gap en Michigan Avenue para comprar varias cosas para la nueva temporada como esta chaqueta y estos jeans color azul. Esta chaqueta es esencial para cada mujer, es super clásica y elegante. Le agregue un poco de color al atuendo con estos jeans de Gap y estos zapatos super cómoda de New Balance. Aunque me pareció que con el sombrero me parecia a Sherlock Holmes ustedes saben que me encanta un sombrero, especialmente de este color ya que se puede usar durante el invierno y la primavera. Que les parece este look? Muchas gracias por leer y espero leer sus comentarios.

Location: Chicago, IL


wool coat

club monaco carlisa coat

winter outfit inspiration

Valentino studded clutch

club monaco winter coat

Coat/Chaqueta: Club Monaco,  Dress/Vestido: ZARA,  Shoes/Zapatos: Jimmy Choo (similar here), Purse/Cartera: Valentino or here

How beautiful and elegant is this wool coat from Club Monaco? The white and oversize collar make this coat an easy way to dress-up any outfit. I wore a burgundy leather dress from Zara and timeless nude heels for a simple yet delicate and classic look. I would love to hear what you think of this coat! Over the next 10 days I will be visiting my best friend Bisera in Kalamazoo, Michigan, spending the weekend in Los Angeles with one of my best friends from Venezuela and then flying to Washington D.C for a few days before flying back to Abu Dhabi, all of these travels are also known as “Chic Flavour’s US Tour.” HAHA I’m totally joking! Just making the most of my time while I’m back in the US. Do you guys have any trips scheduled during the next few months? Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to sharing some fun pictures of my travels with all of you. ALSO, do you guys know of any good photographers in D.C? I’m hoping to take a few outfits pictures while I’m in town…gracias!


No les parece esta chaqueta de la marca Club Monaco super elegante? Combine la chaqueta con un vestido de cuero de Zara y unos tacones color hueso para un look elegante y moderno. Que les parece la chaqueta? No les encanta el color blanco? Les cuento que entre los proximo 10 días voy a estar en Kalamazoo, Michigan visitando a mi amiga Bisera, me voy a pasar el fin de semana en Los Angeles y después me voy para Washington por unos días y de hay salgo de regreso de Abu Dhabi. Mis amigos se estaban riendo y lo llamaron el “tour Americano de Chic Flavour,” haha pero la verdad es que me gusta aprovechar que estoy en este lado del mundo para ver a mis amigos. Ustedes tienen viajes planiados? Muchas gracias por leer y espero leer sus comentarios.

 Location: Chicago, IL


Shangri La hotel Muscat Oman

Happy Monday Amigos! I wanted to start of the week by sharing these beautiful and sunny pictures of Oman. If you follow me on Instagram you know I was in Muscat, Oman over Valentines weekend. I admit I never considered Oman as a tourist destination but after visiting and exploring some of its most popular attractions I can say I was pleasantly surprise and very much look forward to going back. Oman is a short 45 minute flight from Abu Dhabi or a 5 hour drive. We stayed in the romantic and quite Shangri La hotel in Muscat Oman (picture above).

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Grans Mosque Oman

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Oman

We started the weekend with a city tour of Oman’s capital, Muscat. We visited the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the local fish market, the Old Muttrah Souk and the Sultan’s Palace. The Grand Mosque was absolutely breathtaking, we had a chance to see both the male and females prayer room, walked around with no shoes and learn more about the architecture and culture (pictures above).

shopping in Muscat Oman

shopping in oman

Unlike the souks ( Arab market) in Dubai or Abu Dhabi the Old Muttrah Souk in Muscat felt a bit more authentic; mainly because it was outdoors. I loved all the local artisan sold; bright purses, shawls and other souvenirs.

Sultans Al Alam Palace

Our day ended with a “visit” to the Sultans Al Alam Palace. As you can see by the picture above and me trying to peek inside, as a tourist you can only admire its colorful and unique architecture from afar. Can you believe this is someones home…

sink hole oman

My husband and I decided to make the two hour drive to Shab Wadi to take a dip in the Bimmah’s Sinkhole, seen above. The drive was fairly easy and quick and we had the opportunity to see more of Oman while driving through its different towns. Have you ever swam in a sink hole before? The turquoise water is all natural (rain water) that has accumulated throughout the years and it makes for a fun a swim in what really is a natural pool. Thank you so much for reading and very much look forward to reading your comments. Have any of you visited Oman? What is the next place you hope to visit?

Hemant & Nandita

spring 2015 trends

fashion blogger

colorful details

sergio rossi shoes

colorful maxi dress

Dress/Vestido: Hemant & Nandita (similar here and here),   Shoes/Zapatos: Sergio Rossi, (old), Necklace/Cadena: H&M

One of the beautiful things about living in the UAE has been being exposed to new brands and designer that I had never really heard about in the past. As I walked in the Sauce store ( one of the biggest fashion stores in the UAE) I was immediately captivated by this beautiful silk colorful maxi dress. I had never really heard of the Indian based designers Hemant & Nandita until this point. I love the unique color combination and the buttons on the skirt make this dress a sexy and classic number. What do you guys think of this dress? Is this a unique dress or what? I hope everyone has a great weekend and thank you so much for reading! Shop for similar options below…


Una de las cosas que mas me ha gustado de vivir en los Emiratos Arabes ha sido conocer y familiarizarme con marcas que nunca había escuchado. Por ejemplo la tienda Sauce ( que es una de las tiendas mas grandes en el UAE) tenia este vestido de seda que enseguida que lo vi me llamo la atención. Me pareció tan único y deferente! El vestido es de la marca Hemant & Nandita; diseñadoras de la India. Que les parece? Les gusta el vestido? Muchas gracias por leer y espero que todos tengan un buen fin de semana.


colorful camel

Lilly Pulitzer dresses

colorful maxi dresses

Kate Spade purses

camel riding in Dubai

 Dress/Vestido: Lilly Pulitzer ( also love this one and this one), Purse/Cartera: Kate Spade

A camel pic for this hump day…how cute!? haha If you’ve been following me for a while now you know I’m a big fan of Lilly Pulitzer! I love the bright colors, bold prints and elegant flair each piece of Lilly Pulitzer projects. This colorful racer back maxi dress was perfect for lunch at the beach in Dubai a few weeks ago. I received tons of compliments and even had some local women ask me where the dress was from. To my surprise some of them didn’t recognize the brand and I ended up given them my business card and telling them to check the blog, of course right?  On the other hand after a 14 hour flight and 5 hour layover in Washington DC I finally made it to NYC for the last few days of fashion week. You can follow me here for more pics! Below are a few of my favorite maxi dresses! Thank you so much for reading and make sure you let me know what you think of this dress! What about the camel in the back? haha


Si me llevan siguiendo por un tiempo deben saber que me encanta la marca Lilly Pulitzer. Me fascinan los colores vivos, los estampados y la elegancia que la marca Lilly Pulitzer tiene en cada una de sus piezas. Este vestido largo que utilize para un almuerzo en Dubai es el ejemplo perfecto! Varias personas me preguntaron de donde era el vestido y cuando les mencione la marca no reconocían la marca, que loco no? Les cuento que después de 14 horas de vuelo y 5 horas de espera en Washington D.C al fin llegue a NYC para la semana de la moda. Pueden ver mas fotos de mi tiempo en NYC aquí. Muchas gracias por leer y espero leer sus comentarios. Abajo comparti con ustedes unos de mis vestido preferidos….

Location: Dubai, Photos by: Jovana Obradovic


Stradivarius clothing

poncho trend

colorful poncho

 Poncho: Stradivarius (similar here and here),  Shirt/Camisa: Stardivarius, (similar), Shorts: Guess (old), Shoes/Zapatos: Converse (also love these sneakers)

Happy Monday Amigos! I hope everyone had a fun and romantic Valentine Day Weekend. My husband and I were in Muscat, Oman and loved every minute of it, more pics soon on the blog. As I write this post I’m sitting in the Dulles Airport in Washington DC waiting for my flight to NYC. I’ll be in NYC for a few days attending a few shows and some meetings. On the other hand, I took these pics early last week while in Dubai when the weather changed from warm and sunny to an unexpected colds winds. As I walked around the Jumeriah Beach Residences I wore this colored striped poncho from the brand Stradivarius. I kept on seeing the different Stradivarius stores around Dubai and Abu Dhabi and finally decided to walk in. I was immediately attracted to their affordable prices and on-trend items. Have you guys heard of this Spanish brand before? I added my go-to Converse shoes and white denim shorts for a casual look. Thoughts? Thank you so much for reading and look forward to reading your comments!


Feliz Lunes a todos! Espero que hayan pasado un buen día de los enamorados. Como les comente mi esposo y yo nos pasamos el fin de semana en Muscat, Oman y la verdad es que nos encanto. Por los momentos estoy terminando este post en el aeropuerto de Dulles en Washington D.C. ya que voy camino a NYC para la semana de la moda. Las fotos de arriba me las tome hace unos días en Dubai cuando hacia un poco de viento y frío. Combine este poncho super colorido y comodo con estos shorts y Converse para un look casual. El poncho es de la marca Espanola Stradivarius, y ya que he visto varias tiendas por Dubai y Abu Dhabi al fin entre y quede enamorada. Me encanto todas las diferentes piecas desde bragas, ponchos, jeans y mas y sobretodo su precio económico. Ustedes han escuchado de esta marca? Muchas gracias por leer y espero leer sus comentarios.

Location: Dubai,  Photos by: Jovana Obradovic

double life

Cold weather wishlist:

summer wishlist:

Ever since we moved to Abu Dhabi I feel like I’m living a double life! Fashion wise I mean…haha. I’ve been in Oman and Abu Dhabi where the weather has been warm and sunny every day but I’m constantly thinking about my friends and weather in Chicago. So as I seat here writing this post I’m thinking about what cute (summery) dress I want to wear for Valentines Day. At the same time I’m already thinking about my winter outfits ill be wearing in less than a five days when I fly back to NYC for the last few days of Fashion Week and then Chicago. Above is my winter and summer wishlist! Hope everyone has a great weekend and greetings from Muscta, Oman!

pom poms

pitusa pom pom shirt

Dubai beach

summer outfit inspirations

summer trends 2015

Top: Pitusa (also love the dress version), Shorts: ASOS (similar), Hat/Sombrero: ZARA, Ring/Anillo: Kendra Scott 

By the time you read this post I will be sipping some prosescco on the beaches of Oman. Say whattt? Yes! My husband and I are spending Valentines Day and our one year anniversary in Muscat, Oman. We are so excited to travel to a new place and look forward to sharing some amazing pics with you. I wore this playful and flirty top while spending an afternoon at the beach. I fell in love with the colorful pom poms on the sleeves, I mean this top screams “flavour” haha. I added these yellow linen shorts from ASOS and my go-to accessory, a fedora. What do you think? Do you love this top as much as I do? Hope everyone is having a great week so far, you can check my Instagram for more of my travels!


A lo que lean este post yo voy a estar en una playa en Oman. Queee? Enserio! Mi esposo y yo nos vamos a pasar el día de los enamorados al igual que nuestro primer aniversario en las playas de Muscat, Oman. Estamos super emocionados de viajar y conocer un nuevo lugar y espero compartir unas fotos con ustedes. Me enamore de este camisa super coqueta y divertida, ósea no les encanta los pom poms a los lados? Combine la camisa con estos shorts de lino de la marca ASOS y mi accesorio preferido, este sombrero. Que les parece? Les gusta esta camisa tanto como a mi? Muchas gracias por leer y espero leer sus comentarios. También puede ver mas fotos de mis viajes en Instagram.

Location: Dubai, Photos by: Jovana Obradovic

Clover Canyon pants

clover canyon pants

printed pants

dubai miracle garden

Top/Camisa: Lilly Pulitzer,  Denim Jacket/Chaqueta: ZARA (similar here),  Pants/Pantalones: Clover Canyon (love these and these), Shoes/Zapatos: Sam Edelman

Feliz Lunes Amigos! How was everyone’s weekend? We of course ended up spending most of it at the beach. I heard my husband say  ” we’ve become total beach bums since we moved here” but how could we not? haha. While running errands in Abu Dhabi this has become my go-to look. A pair of bright and cheerful pants and a white button down or silk top in this case. The elastic waist band makes these Clover Canyon pants extremely comfortable and the flower pattern make these pants one of the most colorful items in my closet. Instead of pairing these pants with black or nude pumps I added a little “flavour” to the look with these Sam Edelman leopard pumps. I’ve been wearing these pump every chance I get and love how they go with everything in my closet. Thank you so much for reading! Isn’t the Dubai Miracle Garden the perfect background for these pants?


Como pasaron el fin de semana? Nosotros por supuesto terminamos nuevamente en la playa! haha Les cuento que me tome estas fotos en Dubai Miracle Garden y me encanta el contraste de las flores con estos pantalones super coloridos. La verdad es que este se ha convertido en mi uniforme mientras hago diligencias en Abu Dhabi, pantalones llamativos con una camisa blanca y sencilla. Estos pantalones de la marca Clover Canyon son super comodos y modernos. Le agregue un poco de “flavour” al look con estos tacones de Sam Edelman. Les gusta el look? Muchas gracias por leer y espero leer sus comentarios.

Location: Dubai Miracle Garden,  Photos by: Jovana Obradovic

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