Naples to Amalfi

Best views of Naples

Hotels in Naples

Pompeii, Italy

Town of Pompeii

Inside Pompeii'ss baths

Views of Pompeii

Happy Friday Amigos! I’ve been spending hours and hours looking over the thousands of pictures we took of our trip to Italy. Over the next few weeks I will be splitting my trip in four parts and showing you my favorites places around the Amalfi Coast. We first took a direct flight from Abu Dhabi to Rome ( about 6 hours) landed in Rome and took a train to Naples. If you are planning a trip to Italy I will tell you something no one told me, PACK YOUR MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES! You will be doing lots of walking and hiking.  After sleeping a night in Naples we woke up early to hike Mount Vesuvius which offers amazing views of Naples. Unfortunately that day was a bit cloudy and hazy and we didn’t enjoy the best views the mountain had to offer but we still got to see so much of the city.

We then rented a car and proceeded to drive to the Amalfi Coast. If you asked my husband ( historic geek) he would tell you this was his favorite part of our trip. In our drive we stopped by the historic town of Pompeii, once an ancient Roman town. Most of the town of Pompeii was destroyed and buried under ash after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. As we walked around Pompeii we got a glance of what Roman life once looked liked, including their massive open air villas, Roman baths and everyday details like the floors of some of the houses. We spent around 3 hours walking the town of Pompeii ( we even rented an audio tour) got some well deserved gelato afterwards and drove to our beautiful hotel, Monastero Santa Rosa in the Amalfi Coast. Stay tuned till next Friday where I will be sharing more pictures and experiences of our trip. Thank you so much for reading and I hope everyone has a safe a fun holiday weekend.

flare jeans

boho chic inspired look

how to style flare jeans

flare jeans

Tee/Camisa: Stradivarius,  Jeans: Stradivarius (similar),  Sunglasses/Lentes: Ray Ban, Scarf/Bufanda: Hermes, Shoes/Zapatos: Jimmy  Choo

After looking at these images all I kept thinking about was the TV show “That ’70s Show” do you guys see the resemblance? haha When I saw these jeans at the Stradivarius store in Marina Mall ( Abu Dhabi) I kept asking myself could I really rock flare jeans? I decided to give them a try…what do you guys think? I wanted to keep the look casual chic and wore this cute playful tee and my beautiful Hermes scarf around my head. Now that I’m back in Abu Dhabi I’m slowly getting back to my routine and looking over the thousands of pictures we took of our trip in Italy. Stay tuned! Thank you so much for reading and I hope everyone is having a great week so far.


Que les parecen estas fotos? No les recuerda al program de television que se llaman ” That ’70s Show” …haha. La verdad es que este es mi primer par de jeans acampanados (que se abren en la parte de abajo). Que les parece? Les gusta? Para mantener el look comodo y casual use esta camisa blanca y esta bufanda alrededor de mi pelo. Les cuento que ya estoy de regreso en Abu Dhabi y poco a poco estoy trabajando y editando todas las fotos de mi viaje en Italia. Entre esta semana y la próxima voy estar compartiendo varias fotos con ustedes. Gracias por leer y espero leer sus comentarios!

Location: Abu Dhabi,  Photos by: Lacey Sexson

embroidered summer dress

embroidered madewell tunic dress

chicago fashion blogger

Madewell embroidered dress

summer causal embroidery dress

Sunglasses/Lentes: DIOR,  Dress/Vestido: Madewell (similar), Purse/Cartera: GucciShoes/Zapatos: BCBG (similar here and here)

Happy Monday everyone! I’m currently flying back to Abu Dhabi from Rome but I wanted to share this embroidered tunic dress with all of you. I’ve seen several summery embroidered dresses out there but I’m especially loving this one from Madewell. The material is good and thick and the blue embroidery screams summer and it even has pockets! I would highly recommend sizing down on this dress, its meant to be comfortable and loose and fall below the knees.  I wanted to add a little “flavour” to the look and wore this trendy gladiador sandals and a pop of color with this classic Gucci purse. This dress can easily be worn with wedges for a summer perfect outfit or with sandals or flats for a day attire. Make sure to let me know what you think of this dress in the comment below.


Feliz Lunes a todos! He visto muchos vestidos parecidos a este, con encajes pero este vestido de Madewell me gusto por la calidad. La tela es sumamente cómoda y no es transparente ademas que tiene bolsillos a los lados. Me encanta el encaje azul ya que me recuerda a Mexico y unas vacaciones Cabo. Les recomiendo pedir este vestido una talla mas pequeño de lo normal ya que corre grande. Para darle un poco de “flavour” al look use estas sandalias tipo gladiadores que están super de moda y le di un poco de color al look con esta cartera anaranjada de Gucci. A la misma vez este vestido tambien se puede usar con plataformas o sandalias para un look casual. Muchas gracias por leer y espero leer sus comentarios sobre este look.

Location: Abu Dhabi,  Photos by: Lacey Sexson

CRYO Dubai

CRYO therapy

Happy Friday Amigos! One of the perks of living in the UAE has been being exposed to new designers and learning about new lifestyle and beauty trends such as the popular cryotherapy treatment. Before flying to Italy I had the opportunity to try the whole body treatment at the CRYO’S location in the Women Health Club in Dubai. I’ve seen tons of pictures and heard about it in both the UAE and back in Chicago so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been extremely sore from my boxing workouts and stiff from all my travels. After visiting the CRYO facility in Dubai I have say it was the most interesting 5 minutes of my life…haha. If you have the opportunity to visit CRYO in Dubai or perhaps try cryotherapy somewhere else you should definitely give it a go! Allow me to give a short introduction:

  • Cryotherapy has become popular between athletes and celebrities due to its quick process (it takes about 3-5 minutes) and amazing results in both muscle recovery and healing as well as facial and skin rejuvenation
  • I entered this futuristic capsule (as seen below) where my skin was exposed to ridiculous cold temperatures (-140 celsius)
  • Cryotherapy is known to decrease inflammation and improve the body’s circulation.
  • You can loose up to 800 calories per treatment…(say whattt)
  • Even though it takes more than once to feel and see the results the cold temperatures sure felt nice during the hot and humid temperatures of Dubai

To those of you reading this from the UAE make sure to visit CRYO at Jumeriah 2 and let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to tell you more about my experience. To my followers back in the US…have you guys heard about this before? Thank you so much for reading and hope all of you have a great weekend. I’m in Italy until Monday morning so make sure to follow along.

boyfriend shirt

ASOS boyfriend shirt

DIOR technologic silver sunglasses

Loeffler Randal fringe purse

boyfriend shirts

Shirt/Camisa: ASOS,  Jeans: Madewell,  Purse/Cartera: Loeffler Randall (also here)  Sunglasses/Lentes: DIOR (in goldShoes/Zapatos: (similar)

The first thing my husband said when he saw these pictures was, ” omg, you’re finally wearing jeans” haha and he is right! You  will very rarely see me in jeans unless its Winter in Chicago or at an airport. The reason being buying jeans is one of those things I dread the most…sometimes I feel my legs look big or feel I can’t fit into the skinny jeans I like. These insecurities have led to an excessive amount of dresses and skirts…haha. Whenever I do intent to shop for a pair of new jeans I stop by Madewell, I love their “denim bar” and the different styles they offer. I paired it up these classic skinny jeans with a boxy boyfriend shirt and my new cross body bag from Loeffle Randall. I love the playful tassels and the optional shoulder strap makes this purse so versatile and easy to dress. Hope everyone is having a great week so far and greeting from Italy.


Lo primero que me dijo mi esposo cuando vio estas fotos fue, “wow, estas usando jeans” haha y es porque la verdad muy poco me van a ver usando jeans. Al menso que sea invierno en Chicago o este viajando. Para mi comprar jeans son unas de esas cosas que me quita demasiado tiempo y simplemente se  me hace muy divicil. Siempre me preocupa como se me ven mi piernas o si me quedan bien. El resultado es demasiados vestidos y faldas…haha. Cuando ando en búsqueda jeans siempre paso por la tienda Madewell, ya que tienen mucha variedad y diseños. Combine estos jeans clásicos y sencillos con esta camisa tipo “boyfriend” que queda un poco hancha. También use esta nueva cartera de la marca Loeffler Randall, me gusta la cartera ya que tienen los flecos y se puede usar con o sin la tira. Espero que le guste el look y saludos desde la isla de Capri.

Location: Abu Dhabi, Pictures by: Lacey Sexson

Tuckernuck love

Tuckernuck clothing

Lisi Lerch turquoise tassel earrings

floral Imacy drop waist dress

Imacy drop waist dress

Tuckernuck summer dresses

Dress/Vestido: c/0 Tuckernuck ( also love this one),  Earrings/Aretes: c/o Lisi Lerch,  Shoes/Zapatos: Jimmy Choo ( similar)

Happy Monday Amigos! If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’m in what I personally consider one of the most beautiful countries in the world, ITALY! Make sure to follow along for pictures of the colorful and breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast. While visiting Jamaica for a friend’s weeding I met the lovely Missy ( checkout her photography) who later introduced me to the amazing team at Tuckernuck. Have you guys heard about this classic American inspired brand? They offer the most feminine and summery dresses, home decor, classic sailor striped shirts, jewelry and more. While scrolling down their website I literally gasp when I saw this mini colorful dress! It is no secret I love bright colors and somehow all the green, blue and pink go so perfectly together. I was surprise to discover it is made out of the “scuba” material which only made this dress so much more comfortable and lightweight. I mean how flirty is the flare skirt of the dress? Finally I wore what might be the most popular and beautiful earrings this year, these turquoise tassel earrings from Lisi Lerch. These earrings will go perfectly with a white summer dress, a red dress or a fun pop of color to a LBD. Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to reading your comments. I’m sharing some of my favorite Tuckernuck dresses below and don’t forget to check their  4th of July collection.


Feliz Lunes a todos! Si me siguen por Instagram saben que estoy por Italia, visitando Positano, Ravello y la isla de Capri. Espero que les guste las fotos. Mientras estuve en Jamaica para la boda de una amiga conocí a la fotógrafa Missy que me introdujo al equipo de la marca Tuckernuck. Si han escuchado de la marca? Ofrecen los vestidos mas coloridos y femeninos, ropa de hombre, joyeria y mas. Mientras viendo su pagina me enamore de este vestido super coqueto y colorido. Como ya saben me encanta los colores vivos y este vestido es ideal para el verano, el material es super ligero y comodo. Finalmente combine el look con estos aretes turquesa ( el color es increible) que son la manera perfecta de darle un poquito de color a cualquier atuendo. Espero que les guste este look! Les invito a que visiten la pagina de Tuckernuck vean su vestidos.

Location: Abu Dhabi,  Photos by: Lacey Sexon

how to style culottes: night out

how to style culottes for a night look

Tanya Taylor crop top

how to style culottes this season

Kate Spade structured culottes

Shirt/Camisa: Tanya Taylor (also here), Culottes: Kate Spade (also here),  Shoes/Zapatos: Sergio Rossi (similar style)

For my final outfit styling culottes three different ways with Inspired by This I decided to show you how to style a pair of culottes for a night out. Want to dress up a pair of pants or in this case a pair of  culottes? Just go ahead and a cute crop top to your look. I love this crop top from Tanya Taylor because of its unique and colorful embroidery. I added these pair of sexy strap heels from Sergio Rossi for an overall night look. To dress culottes for a night out I could have also worn a striped tee or pretty much any other colored crop top.  Don’t be afraid of try new trends because you might end up loving it…just like I did…haha. Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to reading your comments.


Si quieren vestir un par de pantalones o en este caso un par de culottes simplemente combinenlo con un crop top. Por ejemplo este crop top de la marca Tanta Taylor es super diferente ya que tiene un bordado muy único con un color azul vibrante. Finalmente combine el look con estas sandalias super coquetas para un look de noche con culottes. No tengan miedo de usar una nueva prenda o de tratar una nueva tendencia. Siempre pueden regresar la prenda o hasta les puede terminar gustando. Muchas gracias por leer y espero leer sus comentados.

 Location: Chicago, IL  Photos by: Jovana Obradovic,

how to style culottes: weekend trip

travel chic inspired outfit

Jcrew Navy striped tee

JCrew fringe earrings

summer look with white culottes

JCrew navy striped shirt

kate spade culottes

Shirt/Camisa: J.Crew,  Culottes: Kate Spade ( also here), Hat/Sombrero: Nasty Gal (very similar), Earrings/Aretes: J.Crew, Shoes/Zapatos: ALDO (love these), Sunglasses/Lentes: Ray Ban

With these pictures I wanted to show all of you an easy and casual way to style culottes. Most culottes out there are very crisp and elegant but that does not mean you can’t style them for a casual day or a weekend trip. I wore my go-to striped tee and boater hat to keep this look summer casual. I added a pop of color to the look with these fun tassel earings from J.Crew. I absolutely love the pop of neon on these earrings and they have quickly become my favorite accessory this summer. What truly makes this outfit casual are these platform sandals from Aldo. I actually love the way the sandals look with the culottes, I think its a refreshing look and the sandals have slight wedge.  I will definitely be wearing this same combination throughout the summer. Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for my third and final look in collaboration with Inspired by This.


Como les había prometido en estas fotos comparto una manera super casual y cómoda de usar los culottes. Muchos culottes a la venta son normalmente elegantes pero eso no significa que no se pueden usar para un look mas casual. Para este look use esta camisa de rayas y mi sombrerito para darle un look de verano. Le di un poco de “flavour” al look con estos aretes super coquetos de J.Crew. Lo que le da un toque super casual al look son estas sandalias plataformas de Aldo. El look es sumamente comodo y refrescante y créanme que voy a estar usando esta combinación todo el verano. Muchas gracias por leer y no se pierdan en ultimo look de mi colaboraron con Inspired by This mañana en el blog.

Location: Chicago, IL  Photos by: Jovana Obradrovic

how to style culottes: work

how to style culottes this season

classic navy jacket

Kate Spade culottes

White Kate Spade culottes

classic navy blazer

Jacket/Chaqueta: Ann Taylor,  Top/Camisa: Ann Taylor,  Culottes: Kate Spade ( also here),  Shoes/Zapatos: Jimmy Choo (similar,  Purse/Cartera: H&M

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to share my collaboration with Inspired by This, my go-to online destination for any fashion, decoration, weddings, DIY tips and inspiration. When I first saw culottes all over fashion week and magazines I have to admit I was a little intimidated, I wasn’t really sure how to style them or if they would look good on my body type/shape. BUT I’m so glad I tried them and I’m hooked! I’ll  be showing you how to style these structure culottes from Kate Spade three different ways.  I’ll be posting all three outfits throughout the week but you can go ahead and see all the pictures now on Inspired by This. Today I’m showing you how to add a little “flavour” to your work outfit, changing the traditional pants and work skirts for these wide leg and comfortable culottes. These culottes are elegant and crisp and as you will see from the rest of the outfits so versatile and easy to dress for any occasion. I kept this outfit office inspired with this classic navy jacket from Ann Taylor and spacious office bag. Culottes fall right on the middle of our calves which sometimes might make us look shorter, so I would recommend styling them with heels or wedges like seen below. What do you guys think? Will you wear culottes to the office? Have you tried wearing them before? So excited to hear your feedback!


Hola a todos! Estoy super emocionada de compartir con ustedes mi colaboración con la pagina Inspired by This, que se enfoca en dar consejos y inspirar en los temas de decoración, moda, bodas y mas. En la colaboración les voy a mostrar como usar estos nuevo pantalones super de moda que se llaman culottes. Los culottes son un único en su forma, ya que normalmente son abiertos en la pierna y un poco cortos de largo. El primer look es un look moderno para el trabajo. Dejando los pantalones y falda tradicionales a un lado y usando estos culottes. Combine una chaqueta clásica azul y una cartera grande para darle un look mas profesional. Con este tipo de pantalones sugiero usar tacones para uno verse mas alta y elegante. Que les parece? Les gusta el look? Espero leer sus comentarios sobre todas las fotos!

Location: Chicago, IL  Photos by: Jovana Obradrovic

Italy here we come

YESSSS! That is right! I am getting ready for my trip to Italy later this week. My husband and I are packing our bags and flying to the Amalfi Coast on Friday. We will be spending a night in Rome, then heading to Positano, Ravello and Capri…can you say buongiorno? I rounded up some of my favorite new arrivals and beach accessories below. Thank you for stopping by and and you can follow more of my travels here. Hope everyone has a good start to their week!

Shoes & Accessories: 



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