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beach essentials

Shirt/Camisa: ZARA,  Shorts/Chores: Guess,  Shoes/Zapatos: Soludos (similar),  Bracelet/Pulsera: Hipanema (here and here), Pouch/Cartera: Stella Rittwagen,  Sunglasses/Lentes: Ray Ban

I have to say ever since I moved to the UAE I’ve discovered some amazing and unique brands. Not to say these brands were not accessible to me in Chicago but being new in the area has forced me to walk around every mall and store. While walking Souk Al Bahar in Dubai I came across this cheerful and colorful bracelet by Hipanema. This brand is inspired by the colorful spirit of Brazil. I love the different color threats and how they combine to make one bracelet. I honestly couldn’t decide which one of their many colors was my favorite… haha. I added these comfortable and classic beach espadrille from Soludos. I love how I can tie the strap around my ankle as seen below or tie it on the front with a bow. See below for some of my favorite Soludos and Hipanema bracelets. Thank you so much for reading and I hope my pictures add a little warmth to your day.


Desde que me mude a los Emiratos Arabes he descubierto nuevas marcas. No es que estas maracas no existían antes sino que al ser nueva en en la region me ha forzado caminar y ver todas las tiendas y malls al mi alrededor. Mientras caminaba el mercado árabe, Souk Al Bahar en Dubai descubrí estas pulseras super coloridas de la marca Hipanema. La marca se inspira en los colores vivos de Brazil. Me encanta la combinacion de differentes tiras y colores que hacen una sola pulsera. Combine estos zapatos ideal para la playa de la marca Soludos. Me encantan que se pueden amarrar por atras o por el enfrente para hacer un lazo. Abajo les muestro mis pulseras preferidas y zapatos de Soludos. Gracias por leer !

Pictures by: Jovana Obradevic, Location: Souk At Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi

the best winter boots

Snow boots:


BCBG peplum skirt

bcbg jacquard peplum skirt

gold shoes

chicago fashion blogger

bcbg fitted peplum skirt

 Top/Camisa: ZARA,  Skirt/Falda: BCBG or here (also love this dress version),  Shoes/Zapatos: ZARA (similar, similar, similar), Sunglasses/Lentes: Ray Ban

Happy Monday Amigos! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I love the combination between sexy and classic and this fitted BCBG skirt is a great example. The skirt is form fitting without being too tight or uncomfortable; the elastic waistband makes this skirt an easy fit.  This skirt is feminine and the ruffle hem adds a little movement when walking. My favorite thing about it? The amazing jacquard print, check below for other pieces on the same print. This skirt can easily be worn for a business setting or for a date night. I added a pop of color with these fun gold mirror pumps from ZARA. I will say these shoes look beautiful but they are killers. My honesty might backfire but the truth is I had them on for a few hours and my feet were killing me. Have any of you experience something similar? You love a pair of shoes, they look pretty but ohhhhh they hurt! haha anyways, thank you for reading and I look forward to reading your comments!


Hola a todos, espero que hayan pasado un buen fin de semana. Me encanta conseguir una pieza que es un poco sexy pero también clásica a la misma vez. Esta falda de BCBG es la combinación perfecta; es femenina y ajustada al cuerpo. Los pliegues de abajo le dan un poco de movimiento a la falda al caminar. La falda es ajustada al cuerpo y cómoda. Lo que mas me gusta de la falda? El estampado, también me gusta este vestido del mismo estampado. Esta falda se puede usar para un look mas serio o profesional o para una cena. Le agregue un poco de color al look con estos tacones dorados de Zara. Los zapatos son super lindos y se ven espectaculares pero si les soy sincera son super incomodos. Los use por dos horas y no aguantaba los pies. A ustedes le ha pasado algo similar con un par de zapatos?  Que les parece? Les gusta el look?

 Picture by: Jovana Obradevic, Location: Souk At Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi

how to make friends

…in your mid-20s and in a foreign country? Such a great combination, right?

Looking back I can honestly say that the last time I actually tried to make friends was freshman year in college. I was new to Chicago and I remember trying to sign up for any clubs and sport activities available. Fast forward six years later I married a Chicagoan, my made of honor at our wedding was my best friend in college, created a group of girlfriends outside my marriage and keep referring to Chicago as “home.” So when my husband and I first made the decision to move abroad I asked myself, “wait… how I’m going make friends?” I remember looking back and realizing that I don’t know anyone who lives in the Middle East. Who is going to watch The Bachelor with me? Or eat overly price macaroons at The Peninsula with? Well, I will say… I’m still asking myself all those questions. However, some ways I’ve discovered to make friends in the UAE are:

  • A friend of a friend who knows a friend: Before moving I told everyone that I was moving abroad and more than half of the time I heard, “Oh, I know someone who lives there” or “my friend from college just moved there.” So it might be weird at first, and it’s always hard to meet someone for the first time, but I could honestly say I have met a handful of people like this. My husband’s friends’ girlfriend made an introduction to someone she went to school with and guess what? I just had dinner with this person last week…
  • This is a website that helps you meet up with other people who share the same interests as you in countless different settings. For example, there are groups for photographers, runners, entrepreneurs, foodies and so on. I went to their website, wrote my location and interests and all the different groups around the area showed up. Of course, it sounds a bit overwhelming at first – meeting a few strangers for the first time, but they are all on the same boat with you. They are either new to the area or recently moved… so why not?
  • Husband’s colleagues: Obviously, right? Double dates are key in Abu Dhabi. These are people who are going through the same thing as you are or did so when they first moved here. I have already met some incredible women, which I know will be my friends for years to come.
  • Being friendly and open minded: A few weeks ago I heard a knock on our hotel door, so I peeked through the peephole and I knew I’ve seen the woman on the other side before. She cheerfully said, “Hello, my name is ____ and I heard you talked to your husband in the elevator a few days ago and just wanted to see if you would like to grab coffee some day” YES…this is exactly how you make friends in a new place. You introduce yourself, you’re proactive and friendly. I of course instantly agreed and ended up having a two-hour lunch with her and guess what? She also has a blog! You can check it out here.

Thank you so much for reading another of my Friday lifestyle post and for all your support throughout  this adventure.


overall dress

denim dress overall

denim overall dress

overall dress

gucci soho crossbody bag

zara overall dress

Overall dress/Braga: ZARA (similar, similar, similar),  Top/Camisa: Mango, Purse:Cartera: Gucci and here, (similar less expensive style)  Shoes/Zapatos: Converse (leather), Sunglasses/Lentes: RayBan

Can we take a second and discuss how cute this overall dress is? I wore this playful denim overall while walking the famous Qaryat AL Beri Souk in Abu Dhabi. I can also see myself wearing this overall with boots and a colorful sweater in Chicago.  Because I get a “school girl” vibe I wanted to stay away from the obvious choice of a white shirt and added this baby blue check shirt and a pop of color with my favorite Gucci purse. What do you guys think? Is this a cute overall or what? On the other hand, the white building you see in the back, is the famous Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, I’m still amaze by the beauty of this city. Thank you so much for reading!!


No les parece super lindo esta braga tipo vestido? Use esta braga mientras caminaba el famoso mercado Arabe Qaryat Al Beri. Esta braga también se puede usar con unas botas o un suéter durante el frío. Le agregue esa camisa de cuadros celestes y esta cartera Gucci para un poco de color. Que les parece este look, les gusta? El edificio que ven atrás es el famoso Grand Mosque en Abu Dhabi, la verdad es que simplemente espectacular.

Pictures by: Joavana Obradovic, Location: Qaryat Al Beri Souk, Abu Dhabi

metallic skirt

hermes scarf and asos metallic skirt

metallic skirt

ASOS metallic skirt Skirt/Falda: ASOS (similar, similar) absolutely LOVE this similar skirt in gold,   Top/Camisa: Lilly Pulitzer (similar),  Scarf/Bufanda: Hermes, Shoes/Zapatos: Louis Vuitton

Happy Monday Amigos! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend. I’m excited to share this look with all of you because I tried something completely out of my comfort zone. I wore this colorful scarf around my head, similar to a turban.  My mother-in-law gave me this absolutely stunning Hermes scarf for my birthday earlier this year and even though scarfs are an easy accessory to any outfit I wanted to try something new with it besides wearing it around my neck. What do you think? Have you every tried this look before? I love how the scarf adds a little “flavour” to the outfit. This ASOS metallic pleated skirt is one of my favorites skirt I own, I love the unique color and the way it moves. I can’t wait to read your comments, hope you like this look as much as I do and I hope to inspire you to try something different with your outfit this week. Thanks for reading—


Hola a todos! Espero que hayan tenido un buen fin de semana. Estoy super emocionada de compartir este look con ustedes ya que hice algo diferente y use esta bufanda amarrada en mi cabeza. Mi suegra me regalo esta bufanda para mi cumpleano y ya que las bufandas son super facil de combinar con cualquier look y de usar alrededor del cuello queria hacer algo diferente. Que les parece? Ustedes han usado una bufanda asi antes? Me parece que la bufanda le da un poco de “flavour” al look. Esta falda de ASOS tambien es una de mis preferidas ya que el color es super unico y los pliegues de la falda le dan un movimiento al caminar. Muchas gracias por leer…

Pictures by: Jovana Obradevic, Location: Dubai

Vogue Cafe, Winter Menu

This question goes out to my followers on the other side of the world, but did you know that the Condé Nast International Restaurant is a thing? Yes, I mean like the popular media mogul is extending from their famous and prestigious magazine brand to restaurants around the world. GQ Bar in Moscow, VOGUE Café in Moscow, Ukraine and more importantly, Dubai. For those who have not heard of VOGUE Cafe, is located at the center of the “Level Shoe District” at the Dubai Mall. A 96,000 sqft space of the most luxuries shoe brands in the world such as Christian Louboutin, Christian Dior, Miu Miu, and Sergio Rossi just to name a few. So it is fitting that the most recognized fashion magazine in the world has a restaurant at the center of it all.

Vogue Cafe Dubai

 (Photo provided by: Vogue Cafe)  

I had the pleasure of being invited to taste their new winter menu highlighting their fresh products, lighter options and rich flavors. Take a trip with me as I show you some of my favorite options in the VOGUE Café menu. For an appetizer I ordered the Tuna Two Tays, a light and refreshing Carpaccio, and Tartare with a fried tomato and basil sauce finished with baby greens on the top.



For my main course I had the Grilled Chicken Penne Pasta with lemon sauce, artichoke heart and topped with wild arugula. I personally enjoyed the fresh shaved Parmesan cheese – how elegant does this plate look?



As my favorite part of the meal approached and I read over the dessert menu, the tittle “The Chocolate Implosion” caught my eye. However, per the manager’s recommendation and my eagerness to beat my chocolate addiction I ordered the Raspberry Soufflé with white chocolate ice cream… and I’m so glad I did! The fresh raspberries made for an exquisitely light dessert.


It’s already been two months since we moved to the UAE and people keep asking me about the must-sees and dos, and I can affirmatively say visiting the VOGUE Café is a must while in Dubai. Oh, and don’t forget to order the Ferrerro Rocher Coffee, like seriously! Bon Appetit Amigos–




Oasis textured flower dress

asos floral texture dress

ASOS floral pattern dress

floral textured dress

 Dress/Vestido: OASIS via ASOS (also love this floral dress),  Sunglasses/Lentes: Ray Ban (round frame, love)  Shoes/Zapatos: Jimmy Choo,  Bracelet/Pulsera: BaubleBar

It’s no secret I love a colorful piece and this floral patterned dress from OASIS is no exception. This dress is feminine and comfortable and easy to wear on different occasions. I can easily see myself wearing this for brunch or a dinner with my husband. I added my favorite nude pumps for an overall sophisticated look! You could also pair it up with some blue or black pups for a night out. Do you guys like the colorful pattern of the dress? Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to reading all your comments!


Como ya saben a mi me encanta los colores vivos y este vestido estampado es ideal! El vestido es super femenino y comodo y super fácil de usar para cualquier ocasión. Se que lo voy a usar para un almuerzo o para cenar con mi esposo. Le agregue mis tacones color hueso para un look sofisticado y clásico. También se puede combinar con tacones azules o negros para un look de noche. Que les parece? Les gustan los colores? Muchas gracias por leer!

Photos by: Jovana Obradovic, Location: Dubai

white texture dress

white ASOS dress

ASOS white texture dress

Hermes scarf

ASOS white pencil dress

Dress/Vestido: ASOS,  Shoes/Zapatos: Jimmy Choo, Fedora/Sombrero: Sensi Studio,  Scarf/Bufanda: Hermes,  Bracelet/Pulsera: Jules Smith 

Happy Monday Amigos! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend. My husband and I spent a relaxing Friday by the beach and then shopped for furniture all of Saturday- we finally found a place and we should be moving in the next few weeks.

I love the clean and classy flair of this white texture dress from ASOS. This dress has a beautiful and feminine v-neckline and the pleated skirt  creates a delicate movement when walking. I would recommend sizing down on this dress; it was the perfect fit on the chest area however it felt a bit loose around the waist. Even though this dress is beautiful on its own I always like to add a little “flavour” or a little personality to all my outfits. In this case I added what I would like to say is my signature accessory, a fedora. I’ve worn this Sensi fedora several times before so I wanted change the look of it; I folded this Hermes scarf around the rim of the hat. The multicolored scarf adds a pop of color to the neutral simplicity of the dress and shoes. I love how the scarf falls loosely behind the hat and blends in with my hair. What you guys think? Do you like what I did with the scarf? How do you usually add a bit of “flavour” to your outfit? Let me know in the comments below!


Feliz Lunes a todos! Espero que todos hayan pasado un buen fin de semana.  Mi esposo y yo pasamos el viernes en la playa y el resto del fin de semana comprando muebles para nuestro nuevo apartamento! Creo que nos podremos mudar un algunas semanas! Wohoooo

Me encanta el look clasico de este vestido de la marca ASOS.  Este vestido es super femenino y tiene el escote perfecto y los pliegues crean un movimiento al caminar. La verdad es que les recomiendo una talla mas pequeña de lo normal ya que el vestido corre un poco grande de cadera. Aunque es vestido es hermoso solo,  a mi siempre me gusta agregarle un poco de “flavour” o personalidad a mis looks. Con este look le agregue mi accesorio preferido, este sombrero. He usado este sombrero de la marca Sensi en varias ocasiones pero para cambiarle el estilo agarre una bufanda y la amarre alrededor del sombrero.  La bufanda le da un poco de color al look, que les parece? Diganme, como le agregan un poco de “flavour” a sus looks? Déjenme saber en los comentarios abajos!

Photo by: Jovana Obradavic, Location: Bastakiya, Dubai

hotel living

It’s officially been two months since we moved to Abu Dhabi and we are still living at a hotel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining; it is a brand new five star property, 24 hour room service, staff around the clock and 4 different restaurants within the property. It’s also attached to the best mall in Abu Dhabi. Do I like it? Yes…it’s fun! Is it home? Not at all.  As most of our clothes are still unpacked and the hotel logo keeps showing up every time I turn the TV, I can’t help to feel we are simply living in an extended vacation. All of this made me reflect about where ‘home’ is or what makes a place home. Thoughts?

Here’s a few pictures of the hotel:

Lounge area: I actually spend a lot of time here, I love the natural light that comes in and the internet also works faster in the public area of the hotel…haha.



Residence: We’ve been staying in the residence part of the hotel in a one bedroom, with a full kitchen and  fully furnished.


The good thing is that we have actually found an apartment and we are hoping to move in within the next two weeks. The apartment is unfurnished, so I will have to do a fair amount of shopping. I look forward to buying our own furniture, art work and décor to make the space as we would like. The truth is I am lucky to be experiencing this new adventure with my husband and look forward to slowly making Abu Dhabi our new home. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and thank you for reading!

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